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Trojan Rewards

General Information

  • Free to all current EvCC Students.
  • Earn points at all home Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, and Softball games. 
  • You may not earn points if you are participating in the event.
  • Follow us on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram @EvCC_Trojans for new promotions, game schedules, results, news and bonus point opportunities. 

Signing In

  • Sign in at entry table where you will show your Student ID for all home basketball, volleyball and baseball games.
  • Softball sign-in is located behind home plate at "Trojan Nation" tent.
  • Sign-in for all home soccer games is located at the center field score table. 
  • Be sure to print name, email, SID and shirt size CLEARLY to make sure you receive credit each game
  • If you have already signed up, simply show your ID and mention you are already a member and you will receive credit

Getting Credit

  • Sign-in upon entry according to the appropriate sport sign-in location
  • Will be asked to present current EvCC student ID to sign-in and receive prizes

Earning Points

  • All home games attended are worth one point each unless otherwise promoted
  • Bring a friend to sign-up who is not already a member and receive a referall bonus point
  • SHOW US you are following Trojan Athletics on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram all @EvCC_Trojans and receive a bonus point


  • Rewards include a smart phone silcone pocket on your first attendance!  Nike "TROJAN NATION" shirt (3 points), Trojan beanie (8 points), Trojan socks (15 points), and a two Nike backpacks awarded to the two students with the most participation points!
  • You will receive your prize at the game after you reach the next prize or contacted via email.