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2012 News


8/28 Results vs Columbia - The Women's Soccer team met up with CBC in their first game at the 2012 Friendlies Tournament. The Women's team played Walla Walla CC in their first game at 6:30pm last night. It had to be a well played game as the score was 1-0, however, the Warriors were the team that scored. This takes both Trojan teams to 0-1-0 in their season play.


8/29 Result vs Peninsula - On second and final day of the 2012 NWAACC Friendlies Tournament, the Women's Team faced the Pirates of Peninsula College. The Trojans scored, but the Pirates outscored them 3-1. Goal for Everett was by Tia Carrillo and assisted by Lisa Echert. This takes the Women to a 0-2-0 overall record.


9/8 Results vs Lane - In Eugene, OR, the Trojans were playing the Lane CC Titans in league play. It was a tight game from beginning to end however, with a score of 1-0, the only goal scored was from Lane. This takes the Trojans to a 0-3-0 overall record and a 0-1-0 league record.


9/15 Results vs Clark - The Trojan Soccer Teams hosted the Penguins of Clark College on Saturday, September 15th. The Women's game started the day off with a start time of 12:00pm. The Trojans scored first in the 25th minute on a goal by Riley Henderson and assisted by Tia Carrillo. The Penguins scored at the 75th minute to tie it up. However, Riley Henderson once again scored for the Trojans in the 83rd minute for the Win, this time the assist was from Lisa Echert. This takes the Women to a 1-1-0 league record and a 1-3-0 overall record.


9/19 Results vs Shoreline - The Trojans hosted the Dolphins of Shoreline CC in league play on Wednesday 9/19. The Women's game began at 2:00pm.  In the Trojans first shut out of the season, Tia Carrillo scored in the 86th minute to win the game 1-0. Lisa Echert had the assist for the Trojans. The Women are now 2-1-0 in league and 2-3-0 overall.


9/22 Results vs North Idaho - The Women's Soccer team hosted North Idaho College on Saturday, 9/22 in a non-league game. Both teams played very well. NIC scored in the 20th minute, by Anna Valentine and the Trojans scored in the 87th minute, by Kassandra Blakely and was assisted by Lisa Echert. The game ended in a tie.  This takes the Trojans to 2-3-1 overall record.


9/29 Results vs Chemeketa - The Storm from Chemeketa CC were in Everett to play the Trojans in league play on Saturday, September 29th. The Women started the day off beginning at 12:00pm. The Trojans got on the board with a goal by Riley Henderson at the 23 minute mark and she was assisted by Lisa Echert. At the 34 minute mark, Riley scored again to make it 2-0 going into half time. After half-time, both teams played hard, with Melea Helm of the Trojans scoring in the 55th minute to take the game to 3-0, the assist was from Aly Morgan. That is also how the game finished - Melissa Dreves recorded the shutout for Everett. The Trojans are now 3-1-1 in league and 3-3-2 overall.


10/3 Results vs Green River - The Women's Soccer Team was in Kent, WA playing a league game with the Green River CC Gators. Going into the game, the Trojans were 3-1-1 in league and 3-3-2 overall, while the Gators were 0-5-0 in league and 2-6-1 overall. Christina Jarvis for the Trojans scored the first goal in the 17th minute of the game. She was assisted by Lisa Echert, who also assisted Riley Henderson on the second goal for the Trojans just four minutes later. At the 30 minute mark, the Trojans once again scored, this time by Jessica Johnson, who was assisted by Aly Morgan. With this goal going into half time, the Trojans were ahead 3-0.  The start of the second half showed that it was going to be no different than the first. The Trojans Kassandra Blakely scored their fourth goal in the 66th minute and was assisted by Christina Jarvis.  In the 73rd minute, Katie Hungerford scored the Trojans fifth goal and their sixth goal in the 80th minute. Kassandra Blakely assisted on the fifth goal while Lauren Nolte assisted on the sixth one. The Trojans are now tied for first place with Whatcom CC in the Northern Region with a league record of 4-1-1 and have an overall record of 4-3-2.  The Gators are in last place with a 0-6-0 league record and a 2-7-1 overall record.


10/6 Results vs Oregon - The Trojan Soccer Teams were in Coos Bay, OR to play league games with the Southwestern Oregon CC Lakers on Saturday October 6th. The Women started the day off, starting at 12:00pm. No times of the goals were turned in, however, Everett scored 10 goals with SWOCC scoring 0. Goals for Everett were from: Melissa Dreves, 2 from Kassandra Blakely, Lauren Nolte, Aly Morgan, Lisa Echert, Brandi Doggett, Tia Carrillo, and 2 from Riley Henderson. Those with assists were: Lisa Echert had 3, Riley Henderson had 2, and Brittany Derosier, Jessica Johnson, Katie Hungerford and Tia Carrillo each had 1 assist.  Everett Women are now 5-1-1 in league and 5-3-2 overall. SWOCC Women are 0-6-1 in league and 0-8-1 overall.


10/10 Results vs Skagit Valley - The Trojans had league games with the Cardinals of Skagit Valley College on Wednesday October 10th. The Women's game began at 2pm with the Men's game at 4:15pm. In the Women's game, Lisa Echert scored the Trojans first goal at 15:46 and the assist went to Taija Bjorgo. With no other scores in the first half, the Trojans went into half time ahead 1-0. The second half was all Trojan ball. Tia Carrillo scored, assisted by Lisa Echert at 71:16. And at 73:27 Lisa Echert scored again for the Trojans with the assist from Tia Carrillo. This takes the Trojan Women to 6-1-1 in league and 6-3-2 overall. The Cardinal Women are 3-4-2 in league and 4-6-3 overall.


10/13 Results vs Clackamas - The Women's Soccer Team hosted Clackamas CC on Saturday October 13th in league play at Kasch Park. Game started at 12:00pm and was the first meeting between the two teams. Clackamas is the first place team from the Southern Region while Everett is in second in the North.  With two goals by Taylor Ficek in the first half (at the 11 minute mark and the 15 minute mark), Clackamas won the game 2-0. Melanie Trumbull recorded the shut out for the Cougars. This takes the Trojans to a 6-2-1 league record and an overall record of 6-4-2. Clackamas is now 7-2-0 in league and 8-3-0 overall.


10/20 Results vs Shoreline -  The Women's game started at 12:00pm and showing why they are the #1 team in the Northern Region, the Trojans won 2-0 over the Dolphins. Riley Henderson scored in the 27th minute and Taija Bjorgo scored in the 45th minute. The Trojan Women are now 7-2-2 in league and have an overall record of 7-4-3 with 23 points, 8 shutouts, 29 goals for and 9 goals against. Shoreline Women are 52-3 in league and 6-4-3 overall with 18 points, 5 shutouts, 27 goals for and 12 goals against.


10/24 Results vs Edmonds - The Women's game began at 3:15pm and pitted Northern Region 1st place Everett vs 3rd place Edmonds. Neither team has secured their spot in post season play, as there are still teams that have opportunities to be in the top three spots in the North. In the game, neither team scored in the first half, however each had opportunities to do so. In the second half, Katie Hungerford for Everett scored in the 74th minute and was followed by Riley Henderson in the 83rd minute. Brianna Haimes assisted Riley in her goal. At the 89th minute, Annelise Coxeff for Edmonds scored. And at the 90 minute mark, the Trojans were ahead 2-1 and take the win. The Trojan Women are 8-2-2 in league and 8-4-3 overall with 26 points, and Edmonds Women are 5-3-4 in league and 7-4-5 overall with 19 points.


10/27 Results vs Green River - At Kasch Park in the afternoon of October 27th, the Women's Soccer team hosted a league game against the Green River CC Gators. Game began at 12:00pm on field #2 in the rain and wind. Going into the game, the Trojans were 8-2-2 in league while the Gators were 2-8-1 in league. The Trojans showed why they have 8 wins, by Riley Henderson getting a hat trick by scoring three goals for Everett. She scored in the 16th minute, assisted by Lisa Echert; in the 55th minute, assisted by Aly Morgan; and in the 65th minute. This took the Trojans to 9-2-2 in league an overall 9-4-3, with 29 points, Green River is now 2-9-1 in league and overall 4-10-2 with 7 points.


10/31 Results vs Skagit Valley - The Women's Soccer Teams were in Mt. Vernon, WA to play league games against the Cardinals of Skagit Valley College on Wednesday October 31st. The Women's game began at 1:00pm. In the 22nd minute, Kassandra Blakely for the Trojans scored the first goal of the game and was assisted by Lisa Echert.  Kassandra also scored in the 37th minute (assisted by Katie Hungerford) and at the 45 minute mark (assisted by Brandi Doggett) for a hat trick.  Going into half time, the Trojans had the lead 3-0.  After the second half started, Lisa Echert scored in the 57th minute, assisted by RaeAnne Kuchler to make it 4-0. Trojan Christina Jarvis scored the fifth goal in the 79th minute and was assisted by Lisa Echert. Skagit Women were unable to score on the Trojans in the 90 minute game and the Trojans won 5-0.  This win takes the Trojans to 10-2-2 in league with 32 points and 10-4-3 overall. Skagit Women are 4-7-3 in league with 15 points and 5-9-4 overall. 


*Women's Soccer 2012 Northern Region Champions - With the win over Skagit Valley College, the Trojan Women's Soccer Team secured their position as the #1 Women's Team in the Northern Region and the 2012 Northern Region Champions. This is the third year in a row that the Women have been the Northern Region Soccer Champs. Congratulations to the team and coaches! Great job and great season!*


11/3 Results vs Whatcom - Saturday afternoon, the Trojan Soccer Teams were in Bellingham, WA playing their final regular season league games of the 2012 season against the Orcas of Whatcom CC. The Women started the day off starting at 12pm. The game was a defensive game and went into half time with a 0-0 score. It wasn't until the 84th minute that there was a goal. It was by Everett's Tia Carrillo who was assisted by Lisa Echert. Six minutes later at the 90 minute mark, that was still the score 1-0 in favor of Everett. Nicole Alvarez recorded the shutout for Everett. The Trojans are in 1st place in the North with a league record of 11-2-2 with 35 points and an overall record of 11-4-3. The Orcas are tied for 2nd place with Shoreline CC with a league record of 8-3-4.


11/10 NWAC Semi-Final Qualifier - Northern Region Champions - Everett Women's Soccer Team hosted the Eastern Region's 2nd place team the Warriors of Walla Walla CC on Saturday Nov. 10th, at Kasch Park starting at 12pm. This was a loser out game, with the winner advancing to the 2012 NWAACC Semi-Finals that take place on Saturday Nov. 17th.  The game was intense from beginning to end, yet Everett scored the only goal in the 16th minute, by Kassandra Blakely who was assisted by Lisa Echert. Nicole Alverez recorded the shutout for the Trojans. Everett's overall record now is 12-4-3 while Walla Walla's overall record is 14-3-3.  The Trojans will face Peninsula at 1:00pm on Saturday Nov. 17th at Starfire Complex in Tukwila, WA.


11/17 NWAACC Semi-Final -  2012 NWAACC semi-final game with Nationally ranked Peninsula College Pirates. The game took place at Starfire Complex in Tukwila, WA with a start time of 1pm.  On the cold and windy Saturday, both teams were looking to advance to the Championship Game. There was only one goal in the first half and it was scored by Pirates Briana Afoa in the 17th minute. Six minutes into the second half, Ashlyn Frizzelle from Peninsula scored their second goal, with Briana Afoa scoring her second and Peninsula's third goal eleven minutes later. The assist on that goal was from Ashlyn Crossan.  With a 0-3 deficit, the Trojans knew they had to fight back and score. In the 78th minute, Everett's Christina Jarvis scored with the assist from Lisa Echert. Sadly, that was the only goal scored by the Trojans in this game. This 1-3 loss ends the Trojans season, while the win send the Pirates to the Championship game on 11/18.