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Women's Soccer Helps Hand in Hand

Women's Soccer Helps Hand in Hand

The women's Soccer team visited the Hand in Hand's Safe Place last Thursday to help plant grass, landscape, and clean dust from constructions of new Hand in Hand Home an emergency shelter.

Hand in Hand cares for families and children in crisis within Snohomish County.  Safe Place provides 72-hour emergency care for children initially entering the foster care system.  Safe Place creates a supportive environment for youth to transition smoothly into foster care and allows time for families to access resources needed for their children to return home. Additionally, placing children at Hand in Hand Safe Place provides social workers with additional time to locate a foster home that is well suited to meet each child's needs. 

"Working with the community and modeling the importance of giving back to those in crisis is a core principle for Hand in Hand.  Community partnership allows our Hand in Hand team to share the grim reality of the ongoing need to support children who have been abused or neglected in our community said Jay Priebe, CEO/President for Hand in Hand". 

Of the experience, head coach Rafael Marins had this to say, "We are not only giving back to Our Everett Community, but we are also giving back to our own team [three members of the EvCC Soccer team are adopted and were part of the foster care system during their childhood].  In the future more at risk youth will be attending Everett CC and will be athletes representing the Trojans. They will be serving as an example to other kids that get discouraged along the way." 

For more information about Hand in Hand please visit